you're heart is breaking inside?

that's so embarrassing for you.

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This community is for eljay-ers who think nasty!snarky!jordan!perry!secks! wins at life. So please join and post anything in relation to Jordan/Perry, Dr Cox or Jordan. We love fanfiction, pic spams, random thoughts, fanart, icons and the spearding of the love.

Creator/Mod: miss_atom Mod: propernice xbirdseyeviewx

1.No off topic-ness. Post anything you want as long as it relates to Jordan/DrCox. Ok. Good.
2.NO BASHING. Of the characters or other members. Be an adult if you have a disagreement and if you don't like the pairing we don't want you here.
3. LJ-Cuts would be nice for spoilers and big pictures. Thank you.
4.No advertising unless it's a new Scrubs related community.

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